Marriage & Family

Yuma offers every woman the opportunity to expand her knowledge, expertise and appreciation for her family and home.  Whether married or single, working outside the home or at home, taking care of the family and a home is a beautiful profession and the greatest service one can provide to society and the building up of civilization.

Some of our professional development opportunities for women include the following programs.  

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  • Phil & Liz Brach, "Living Your Wedding Day, Every Day" 

  • Phil and Kathleen O'Beirne, "Yours, Mine & Ours: Sharing the sacrifices of marriage with joy."  

  • Pat & Elena Kilner, "Great Expectations: finding the balance between realism and optimism in marriage."  

  • Steve Markel, "Four Pillars of Successful Parenting"

  • Jerry and Kate Hadley, "Keeping Love Alive" 

  • Barbara Boughton and Linda Maher on “Women of the 21st Century: Rising to the Challenge”. 

  • Nany Babendreier. “Balance, Balance, Balance – How is a Woman to Do It?” 

  • Kathleen Abela. “Technology and its Effect on Childhood and Family Life,” Motherhood Conference.

  • Pat Pacious.  ”Positive Parenting with Positive Outcomes,” Motherhood Conference.

  • Kelly McCabe. “Encouraging Children to Contribute to Family Life,” 

  • Brenda Royden. “Passing on Christmas Traditions,” Christmas Tea for Seniors and Grandmothers.

  • Barbara Falk. “What Makes You Tick?”