Meet Anne

Anne Perrottet has a background in Education, Psychology, Community Welfare and Counseling. She will be undertaking her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology in 2020. Anne has a Private Counseling Practice and is also employed as an online counselor for students and staff at Kenvale College, Sydney Australia. Anne has been a keynote speaker at various functions such as the official opening of Nairana Study Center, Sydney Australia; Parenting with Purpose at Oakcrest School, Virginia; and ‘Family Summer’ Beaver Creek, Colorado. She has been interviewed on Australian radio and television regarding family issues and has written a book on parenting that will be published shortly. Anne has been married for 40 years to John who is the Global Leader for Tourism at the World Bank in Washington - the reason Anne and some of her family relocated here from Australia in 2012. She has a wide range of experiences raising and educating her 13 children.