Professional Women

Women often transition from the workplace to the home and back several times during their lifetime. Our  programs for single and married professional women help them appreciate the significant contributions they make in the workplace, the family and in society at large.  

Yuma brings together women from a variety of industries and ages for mutual support, insightful guidance, and lifelong learning.

  • Acquire new perspectives on work that empower you with a fresh outlook on life.

  • Benefit from the support you need to be your best professionally.

  • Develop long-lasting friendships with other professional women.

  • Appreciate how professional work and dedication to family are both ways of service and self-fulfillment.

  • Join a growing network of professional women who find fulfillment and freedom in their work.

In our nation’s capital, Yuma is now launching the Work and Life Leadership Program for women with a strong component of character development as a path to leadership. Through seminars, a conference and one-on-one mentoring, women are challenged and supported to strengthen their character.  Yuma helps professional women  improve personally, professionally, intellectually, and spiritually  so that they can navigate difficulties with personal freedom, initiative and interior peace, truly shaping society for the better.  

Virtue is at the heart of our approach to lasting personal and professional development. Developing a culture that respects the dignity of each person depends on supporting and strengthening women. Preparing women of character to lead will have a positive impact on families and society for generations to come.

New to 2019! A Mentoring Program for professional women:


Opportunities for Professional women at Yuma include: