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Women are Amazing

They manage families, companies, organizations, countries  -and their own lives-  simultaneously.

Get the encouragement and support you need to be your best professionally while developing long-lasting friendships with other women. 

Women play multiple roles and face a variety of challenges throughout their adult lives. Yuma brings women together across the generations for mutual support, insightful guidance, and lifelong learning.

Single and married professional women make significant contributions in the workplace and in society at large.  They may transition from the workplace to the home and back several times during their lifetime. Given their appreciation for personal relationships they are true protagonists in shaping corporate and organizational culture.

Upcoming Events


Interested in Mentoring?

Inspired to share your gifts and talents with high school women? Yuma is always interested in help as a one-time speaker or as a mentor to young women in high school. Interested?

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Past Speakers and Events

  • Jolene Strieff, "Designing Your Home," Style Series, November 2014.
  • Pat and Elena Kilner, "Great Expectations: finding the balance between realism and optimism in marriage," Great Marriages, November 2014.
  • Jerry and Kate Hadley, "Keeping Love Alive," Great Marriages, August 2014.
  • John Guevremont, “The Art of Wine Tasting,” Wine Tasting Event for young professionals, January 2014.
  • Jenny Driver, M.D., “Eye of the Beholder: How Men See Women,” April 2013.