It’s Never Too Late to Begin

January 11th

with Dorothy Maloney

About the talk: A motivational talk describing your new workplace in the world as a senior.  Taking small steps or giant leaps, you will find joy and fulfillment in life at this new stage of your life’s journey.   

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Dorothy Maloney on “It’s Never Too Late to Begin”

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Your Home

March 8th

with Donna Searby

About the talk: We all want to live in bright and cheerful homes.  Creating orderly, clutter-free spaces helps to nurture a happy and healthy home and gives you more time to enjoy family and friends!  


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The Outer You

May 10th

with Lourdes Arguello

About the talk: Our personal style marks the first image that we project to others and will probably form part of the memory that they will retain of us, even if the encounter is brief.  We do not have to restrict ourselves to a plain and boring personal style! Learn some new makeup and fashion tips to find the best way to present yourself and thereby discover a more confident you.  

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The Creative You

July 19th

with Delores Ziegler

About the talk: The fine arts play an important role in life for people of all ages.  Expressing yourself in art, music, crafts, nature, or perhaps rediscovering your latent talents can be a source of serenity and peace right now.  

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September 13  -  The Relational You.

How do our relationships with family, friends, neighbors change as we age? You will hear inspiring ideas for deepening friendships or diversifying relationships with those we love.  

November  8-  A Lifetime of Memories.  

Memories serve an important function in our lives.  You will enjoy learning practical tips and meaningful ways to preserve and share your family history & memories with family or friends in this pre-holiday seminar.