Our Mission and Vision

Yuma Mission

Yuma Center inspires women to be leaders of integrity while encouraging them to discover new perspectives on work and life that bring fulfillment and freedom. Yuma believes that from the moment of birth, to the time of death, women play an integral role in shaping the family, workplaces and the course of civilization.

By accompanying women at every life stage, Yuma inspires women to develop personally, professionally and spiritually.

The programs sponsored by Yuma are inspired by the thought and work of Saint Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, and the teachings of the Catholic Church.   Discovering the meaning of human work and the spiritual richness packed within it is a key feature of Opus Dei's spirit and Yuma's programs.



Yuma Vision

Yuma is dedicated to enriching the lives of women and girls through a wide range of programs and activities focused on human, cultural, intellectual, professional and faith development.  

The Center offers a positive learning environment that encourages women and girls to strive for excellence in the present moment. Yuma's leadership training prepares women of all ages and circumstances to make a positive societal impact both today and with an eye to building strong families, companies and communities.