Our Mission 

What do we do?????

By accompanying women at every life stage, Yuma inspires women through programs and mentoring to develop personally, intellectually, professionally and spiritually.  

thus  preparing them to take an active part in improving society and building strong families and communities. 








Our Vision

Women of character inspire others and shape culture positively.  True leadership, based in virtue, transforms their lives and that of their families, workplaces and communities. 

We believe that a culture that respects the dignity of each person depends on supporting and strengthening women. 

We imagine a society where women reach their fullest potential and lead others with their love, guidance, encouragement and example.

We envision a country where young adults are hopeful about their futures, enjoy positive relationships with family and friends, and are confident and capable of realizing their full potential.

We foresee families and workplaces where women stand out as responsible parents, competent professionals and leading citizens.

Yuma aims to become a national resource for developing women leaders of integrity. 


CHANGE:  The programs sponsored by Yuma are inspired by the thought and work of Saint Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, and the teachings of the Catholic Church.