A Leadership Program for Young Women in Grades 9-12

YumaPrep has provided me with an invaluable learning experience outside of the classroom, and I know I will be able to apply these lessons to my everyday life.
— YumaPrep participant

What is Yumaprep?

YumaPrep brings new meaning to professional development for young women.

Leading well is more than acquiring a set of skills, approaches or learning business techniques. Authentic leadership involves developing one’s own character and growing in virtue.

Every high school girl interested becoming a force for positive change should ask herself:

  • What does it mean to be a competent professional and serve family and society?

  • How can I become a leader and a wise contributor?

YumaPrep offers monthly professional and cultural seminars, discussion forums and individual mentoring to girls who want to improve our world.


True leadership is grounded in the strength of virtue.  The mentoring opportunity for YumaPrep attendees focuses on virtue training in leadership for each grade level as follows:

  • Freshmen : Fortitude

  • Sophomores: Temperance

  • Juniors: Prudence

  • Seniors: Justice

Last year, YumaPrep participants attend the following high schools: 

Academy of the Holy Cross, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Bishop O’Connell, Colonial Forge, Hammond, Leonardtown, Lycee Rochambeau, Mount De Sales Academy, North County High, Oakcrest, St. John Paul the Great, St. Mary’s Annapolis, St. Mary’s Ryken, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, The Catholic High School of Baltimore, The Lab School of Washington, Trinity at Meadowview and Walther Johnson.



Freshmen attend seminars that help them discover their talents, navigate their high school years and make the most out of their new experience.

sophomores and juniors:


Sophomores and Juniors learn from professional women how to develop the leadership skills and virtues needed to succeed  at work and in life.  Participants explore how their talents relate to different careers.  Experienced women professionals will discuss the virtues needed, challenges and steps to succeed in each field.  Professionals also lead interactive sessions that engage the students and give them a working knowledge of different careers.

Tell me more about YumaPrep...

  • When? YumaPrep meets every 2nd Saturday October - May

  • What time? 2:00-4:30 p.m.

  • What is the cost?

    • $325 - early bird discount when you sign up before Aug 15, 2019

    • $350 - discount when you sign up between Aug 16 and September 2, 2019

    • $375 - full price when you sign up past September 3. 2019

    • Send checks to: 4101 Yuma Street, NW Washington, DC or pay online

  • Questions? Email: YumaPrep

View last year’s brochure!

YumaPrep was an enlightening experience that helped me to put my future in perspective by showing me the potential I already have.
— YumaPrep participant



Seniors discuss the big issues they will face in college and the importance of making good choices that shape their futures. Program participants also  have the opportunity to attend a college-prep conference in Rome during Easter Week.

“YumaPrep has helped me tremendously to grow in virtue and to become a better student, friend, daughter, and sister.

“YumaPrep has has helped me learn new skills, meet awesome people, and help me get out of my comfort zone”
— YumaPrep Freshmen
“Being part of Yuma has allowed me to meet some of my closest, most trustworthy friends.”
— YumaPrep Sophomore